Baltimore Washington Airport – Three Things That Make it Special

Travel Tips — By Tawanna Browne Smith on January 30, 2012 at 4:54 am

Baltimore Washington Marshall airport is a unique place for a layover. Besides offering an array of dining and shopping options, some of which are characteristically Baltimore, BWI Marshall airport offers several other unique things for grounded passengers to do. Here are three things that make the airport special.

Thurgood Marshall Exhibit

Bronze sculpture of Thurgood Marshall

The tribunal exhibit to Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall is located between Terminal B and Terminal C just below the Observation Gallery. The airport, which was named after the late judge five years ago, houses pictures chronicling the life of Thurgood Marshall. The timeline shows images of his childhood through his civil rights career, appointments, and later, his death. The display is a great opportunity for travelers to learn about the nation’s first black Supreme Court judge and take a glimpse into African American history.

BWI Observation Gallery

Observation Deck

The Observation gallery, located on the upper level behind the ticketing counters between Concourses B and C offers some neat aviation exhibits. There you can view the inside of an old cockpit, diagrams of flight plans and space, all whilst stretching your legs in the gallery’s open space. It also serves as an ideal place to take young kids looking to release some energy during a long layover. Make-shift train structures and a wide view of the tarmac provide a temporary distraction.

Meditation Room

How many airports can brag that they house a space for peace, quiet, and relaxation amongst the backdrop of deafening airplanes? Seems counter-intuitive, yet BWI has found a way to do it. The airport’s Meditation Room is located on the upper level between Concourses D and E. It is open daily to all from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm. The room’s diffused lighting and lack of overhead announcements provide a serene atmosphere for the traveler looking to slow down and relax.


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