Driving Trips from Baltimore

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Baltimore’s location and infrastructure make it easily accessible to several other equally interesting destinations. Highways 83 and 70 easily transport you from the hustle of the inner city to the peace and calm on the countryside. Day trips from Baltimore can be as diverse as its inhabitants, ranging from a wine getaway to an outdoor adventure. All you need is gas, a reliable car, and a good old fashioned road trip song. Here are some day trip ideas to complement your visit to the Baltimore area.

Frederick County, MD

Frederick, MD

Frederick is an easy 30 minute drive from downtown Baltimore via route 70. Frederick County is filled with scenic byways, covered bridges, history and recreation. Historically, the county played a pivotal role during the Civil War. It’s location along the Mason Dixon line made it a stop-off for troops from both sides.

Visitors can follow soldiers’ footsteps along two Maryland Civil War trails via driving tours. Battlefields, museums, shrines, and monuments, located in the various towns of Frederick County, also help bring the Civil War to life.

If you’d rather bypass American war history and head for revelry instead, Frederick County offers its fair share of wineries and vineyards to satisfy your needs. On your way to vineyards like Elk Run, Black Ankle, and Berrywine Plantations, you’ll drive through the rolling hills of Maryland and have an opportunity to see where some of Maryland’s most popular wines are created.

Hershey, PA

Head straight North and slightly East of Baltimore to arrive at Hershey, PA. The drive is a quick 90 minutes past open fields, farms, and Amish country. Although the drive can easily be a day trip, Hershey offers such a variety of activities that you may decide to stay overnight. Named after chocolate giant, Milton Hershey, the town revolves around everything cocoa and sweet. However, there’s more to the town than chocolate.

Hotel Hershey

One might say that a woman’s two best friends are chocolate and the spa. Well, Hershey offers both, all wrapped in one. The Hotel Hershey houses one of the most relaxing and indulgent spa retreats in the Mid-Atlantic. From chocolate baths to chocolate massages to hot chocolate, you’ll find nothing but pure bliss at the Chocolate Spa.

For family fun, you can enjoy several attractions including a day at Hershey Park. The amusement park, live entertainment, dining and shopping will keep the whole family entertained. To learn about the story of Hershey, make your own chocolate “masterpiece”, or attend a chocolate tasting, visit Hershey’s Chocolate World for hours of sweet fun. Inside Chocolate World, you can take the chocolate tour ride, and indulge in a free sample of chocolate, purchase contemporary and nostalgic paraphernalia, or simply salivate over dozens of chocolate offerings.

Farmington, PA

Drive through the Mountains

Outdoor enthusiasts will not be disappointed on the three-hour drive from Baltimore into the mountains of Western, Maryland. Lakes, state parks, mountains, and caverns dot the drive. Adventure can start as close as Frederick County and extend as far as Farmington, PA. Farmington is along the National Road which crosses the infamous Allegheny Mountains.

Home to Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Laurel Caverns, and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington offers a variety of outdoor activities for travelers. On its own, Nemacolin offers visitors a host of unique things to do whether it be golfing, skiing, fishing, shooting, zip lining, off-road driving, mountain biking or dog-sledding – the outdoor enthusiast will not be bored.

All in all, Baltimore makes a great starting point for some great driving trips proving that just because you fly into the city, doesn’t mean you have to stay in it.

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