5 Great Things About Banff’s Newest Pub

Food, Things to Do — By meghanward on October 26, 2010 at 3:32 am

The Banff Ave. Brewing Co., located on the second level of the Clocktower Plaza, is one of Banff’s newest establishments and it has been a real hit with locals and tourists alike.

What makes this brew pub so great?

1. Glacier fed water: They make the highest quality beer by using premium hops and malts combined with their own cultured yeast strains and mountain water sourced from the Canadian Rockies.

2. Local recognition: The Banff Ave. Brewing Co. gives their beers names to honour the local history, such as Reverend Rundle Stout, Lower Bankhead Black Pilsner and Head Smashed IPA. You might have to ask a local what these names refer to…

photo from: www.banffavebrewingco.ca

3. Street front patio: The brew pub has a streetfront patio located on the second floor of Clocktower Plaza. This let’s you look out on Banff Avenue or up at the mountains that surround the town while you sip on your choice of local brews.

4. A Celiac menu: People allergic to gluten get so tired of modifying their menu choices to meet their needs. Here you can just order one of the three dishes made specially gluten free.

5. Environmental efforts: The Banff Ave. Brew  recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility. Therefore, they conserve water, use refillable/reusable glasses and compost their hops and grains.

photo from: www.banffavebrewingco.ca

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