Stare Down? Smack Down? Yawn Down.

What's New — By Kevin Revolinski on April 19, 2010 at 9:51 am

Some say the government is oppressive. Some claim the protesters’ possession of central Bangkok is oppressive. Whatever your shirt color, one thing’s for sure: the heat is oppressive. Soldiers and police piled into Silom Road this morning in preparation for an alleged Red Shirt march from their position at Lumpini Park. Now both sides are sprawled in the shade. It’s as if they are trying to bore each other to death. Security forces are sweating it out in dark uniforms and gear if they still have it on. Red Shirts in various states of undress are lying napping on mats, cardboard and blankets up and down the boulevard and along the walks under tents. The rumored boost in numbers of protesters there didn’t happen and honestly the number of people there is not significant though they stretch along the length of the park’s west side and beyond. Porta-potties (I was wondering about that) are baking in the sun.

Red Shirt protesters sleeping under tents in the hot sun.

At least some of the police have chairs.

These unfortunate soldiers don't even have shade.

Even this protester's chicken (dinner?) with it's red ribbon is feeling a bit tied down.

This carnival on Sukhumvit Road touts 'Fun Everyday to May 9.' Well, maybe not here exactly. But other parts of Bangkok and Thailand in general carry on.

We’ll see if the 20th brings any truth to the rumor of a Red Shirt march in Silom Road, but right now I think a lot of people would just rather be somewhere cooler for a spell.

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