One Shirt, Two Shirt, Red Shirt, Yellow Shirt

Travel Tips — By Kevin Revolinski on October 22, 2010 at 12:27 am

This is an addendum to our recent post about How to Dress for Bangkok:

It should be said that red is not really the new black in Bangkok and, in fact, these days is perhaps a questionable choice for shirts. Yellow is a bit touchy as well though probably not quite as incendiary. The political battle between the “Red Shirts” and “Yellow Shirts” has gotten ugly on occasion – airport closure 2008 (yellow), spring of 2010’s huge protest, sit-in and confrontation with a military crackdown/arson spree (red).

From April 2010. Photo by Kevin Revolinski

I don’t mean for this to be alarmist; tourists have not been targeted when the situation escalated and only a few ill-advised foreigners have ever gotten involved directly and that by choice. However, it should be pointed out that on at least one occasion when troubles erupted, a Japanese tourist unwittingly was in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong shirt. Just an FYI. Keep up-to-date on the political situation. The tense situations in the past have often evolved slowly and it was always easy to stay a step ahead and even move to an area where one might not even know there was a protest going on in a different part of this big city of Bangkok. At the time of this posting, nothing noteworthy for a tourist has been going on in the red-yellow arena.

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