Barcelona’s Best Cheap Eats

Food, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By sammednick on November 2, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Barcelona is a food lovers’ haven, but you don’t have to burn a hole in the wallet if you’re looking for a quality meal. If you know where to go there are plenty of delicious, authentic and affordable options.

A few to check out include:

Wok to Walk - This is the perfect place to grab some takeaway and enjoy a picnic on the beach or even on a park bench. Whether you’re in the mood for stir-fried veggies, noodles, tofu, meat or even seafood, Wok to Walk is one of Barcelona’s easiest and cheapest take away options. They do have seating available inside the restaurant, although there are only a few and the space is quite small.

┬áLa Botiga – One of the most affordable restaurants for tapas, La Botiga is part of a chain with a few locations throughout the city. Their menu is diverse and if you’re in the mood for sharing tapas and even a few entrees, then this is a tasty and inexpensive lunch or dinner venue. Their tomato and tuna salad is only 4 Euros and is quite filling.

The Boqueria (at the back) – If you’re in the mood to walk while you eat and have a quick bite to tide you over until sitting down for a more hearty meal, the Boqueria, right off La Rambla, (while its worth visiting whether you’re hungry or not) is a great place for cheap sweets, nuts, vegetables, fresh fruit drinks and pretty much anything you might be craving. It’s key, however, that you shop at the stalls farther in, as the ones towards the front are pricier than the ones at the back.

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