Barcelona Ski Vacations

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Skiing isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when conjuring up images of Barcelona. There is however, a fairly large variety of places to go, for those looking to satisfy their ski craving come ‘winter’ time. If you’re willing to trek just a few hours outside of the city you can enjoy a snowy weekend getaway or even a week long vacation depending on where you go.

One of the easiest places to get to from Barcelona, especially if you want to go there and back in just one day, is La Molina. Located roughly an hour and a half outside the city towards the Pyrenees, this small resort hosted the Snowboard World Championships in January 2011 and is home to plenty of international ski competitions year round; it also boasts an incredible 300 days of sunny blue skies and rarely gets cloudy! La Molina has a wide variety of hills catering to all levels and with its newly created half pipe and snow park it attracts freestyle experts and novices alike from across the country and around Europe. The best way to get to La Molina is via car, however there are trains that go from Barcelona as well as buses you just have to check the schedules.

If you’re willing to venture a little farther away, then Baqueira ski resort is an excellent option. About three hours outside of the city this is a huge mountain that connects with two others, Beret and Bonaigua providing for 78 runs, 1,922 hectares of skiable terrain and 33 lifts. Baqueira is to Spain what Vale and Aspen are to the United States. The town is quaint and filled with a classy, elegant crowd as it’s the winter vacation home to many ‘pijo (posh) Catalans’. It is however, a great place to take the family for a few days of quality skiing in a small ski town in Catalunya.

Venturing outside Barcelona and Spain, if you drive a bit more than three hours into the Pyrenees, you’ll enter the tiny country of Andorra; the smallest country in the world. Andorra is equipped with six huge ski stations; each boasting high quality infrastructures, state of the art equipment and plenty of hills catering to all levels. The resort attracts Europeans, especially from France and Spain since it’s nestled in between the two countries and is a great place to ski and shop since everything in Andorra is tax free!

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