Barcelona’s Top Romantic Restaurants

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Romance might not be the first word that comes to mind when conjuring up images of Barcelona; tapas, sangria, fiestas (and siestas) might take precedence when thinking about this Mediterranean city. That being said however, Barcelona is actually an exceptionally romantic destination, ideal for intimate dinners, walks along the beach and fun weekend getaways; amongst many other cheesy as well as less cheesy activities. It’s a city with an infectious charm and contagious vibe, both romantic and otherwise.

As Barcelona is known for its thriving culinary scene, it has a variety of quaint restaurants, perfect for dates and cozy dinners on the town.

A few places to check out include:

Montiel: Located in the Born, Montiel prides itself on serving the freshest food in a classy, yet unassuming ambiance. The walls are lined with brick providing for a very warm and intimate setting and with only a few tables on the main floor and another couple on the second, it’s big enough that it feels spacious, yet small enough in that it doesn’t feel impersonal. The staff are also extremely attentive and accommodating.

Pla: Pla invades your senses from the second you walk through the door. Dimly lit by candlelight, with a small staircase in the middle of the restaurant separating the two floors, Pla makes a strong, very inviting first impression. It’s so personal that when the waiters explain the menu and the daily specials, they pull up a chair and sit at the edge of your table as if they were part of the meal (don’t worry they leave quickly after you order). The restaurant is hidden in the Gothic Quarter, around the corner from Ginger Bar and up the street from the Jaume Metro. It’s one of the most romantic places you can frequent in Barcelona, with top quality food and an extensive, international wine list.

Salero: Modern and trendy, Salero is located in the Born and is ideal for those craving an intimate evening in a lively, yet peaceful atmosphere. The concrete floor is complemented by the warm décor hanging on the walls and the mix of Asian and Spanish cuisine provides for a concise yet diverse menu. This is an excellent date place, calm and relaxing and at times they even feature live music.

Kibuka: If you glance around this small, cozy restaurant in Gracia neighborhood during dinnertime, you’ll see mostly tables of ‘twos’, the majority of which are on dates. This is Barcelona’s best bet for a romantic Sushi evening – for two – but be sure to go early as they don’t take reservations and are ALWAYS full.

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