Barcelona’s Irish Hubs

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It’s hard to find a city without the token Guinness pouring, Celtic playing, authentic Irish pub and Barcelona is no exception. There are more than 20 Irish bars in town, some bearing very close resemblance to a mom ‘n pop Spanish tapas hole in the wall, while others are slightly more elaborate, yet still boasting that rustic Irish flare. Regardless of the decor and the size, Irish pubs are always ideal for watching Messi & Co. work their magic on the football (European term for Soccer) field as most pubs are equipped with large flat screens and plenty of tables, bar stools and standing room so that you can cram in as many people as possible.

Although the city has various bars throughout, many of the classics can be found between Plaza Urquinaona and into the Born and Gothic Quarters in the Old City.

St. Patty's Day in Barcelona at George Payne

A few notable ones to check out include:

George Payne – Situated in Plaza Urquinaona this two-story bar and restaurant has a front room with a few tables and comfy sofas and comes equipped with its own TV. If you manage to get there early enough this is a great place to watch sporting events in a quieter section of the pub. If you feel like being in the heart of the action, the large space on the main floor has plenty of room to stand and prop your drink on one of the wooden ledges along the walls.

The Fastnet - This is one of few Irish pubs in Barcelona that is actually Irish-owned. It’s a great place to watch tennis or football or just to have a few drinks on their outdoor terrace. It’s ideally situated along the main walkway to the beach, in a lively and very central area of town, on the edge of Barceloneta neighborhood. Fastnet also has hearty Irish breakfasts and is a fun place to relax if you’re on your own and feel like reading a paper with a cold Guinness at almost any hour of the day.

Flaherty’s- Part of a chain of Irish pubs, you can’t get livelier than this locale, especially during football season or if you’re lucky enough to be in town during a World Cup year. The bar has three big flat screen TV’s, a pool table and a large patio outside. If you want to get a seat, it’s best to go at least 1-2 hours early as the bar fills up very quickly with people holding tables for games well in advance. Their burgers are very popular and their lasagna and nachos aren’t too shabby either.


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