Five Barcelona Travel Tips

Food, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By sammednick on February 2, 2012 at 1:57 pm

Even if you don’t have a friend on the ‘inside’, it’s always easier to get by and maximize your experience in a city if you know a few key tricks of the trade. Barcelona especially, is that much easier to navigate and to enjoy if you have a little ‘help from a friend’.

Before coming to Barcelona or while in town, be sure to check out a few insider tips:

1: Book Picasso Museum Tickets Online: If you want to see the Picasso Museum reserve tickets online in advance in order to avoid VERY long lineups. Many people don’t realize that you can do this, but come high season when the wait can be more than an hour, it proves to be extremely helpful.

2: Walk, Browse and stare: But DO NOT EAT on La Rambla: One of Europe’s most famous walkways and a Barcelona staple, La Rambla is a definite ‘must-see’. That being said if you’re hungry or want to grab a coffee or a bite to eat, turn the corner onto one of the many side streets and enjoy a croissant, cafe con leche or chocolate and churros for half the price.

3: Cafe Americano = American Style Coffee: If you want a regular sized coffee and can’t seem to figure out how to order it, all you have to say is Cafe Americano. If you just say Coffee or Cafe, you’ll get a shot of espresso. If you want the closest equivalent to a North American sized coffee, ask for an Americano (hot water with espresso).

4: Buy a T-10 Metro Pass: If you’re going to be in the city for a few days and plan on taking the metro or bus, buy a T-10 metro pass for just over 8 Euros. This gives you 10 trips at any point during your stay and is much more economical than buying one pass every time you get on. If you’re traveling in pairs or with other people you can use the same pass for everyone in the group.

5: Menu Del Dia: If you’re looking for a typical Spanish lunch and don’t want to spend a lot of money, everyday during lunch most restaurants have a Menu Del Dia which usually includes a three-course meal, drink, coffee and dessert from anywhere between 8-12 Euros. It’s a great deal so be sure to ask for the ‘Menu’ and not just the ‘Carta’ which is the menu a la carte and is more expensive.


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