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Bath may be a far cry from the decadence of Vegas or the round-the-clock hustle and bustle of New York City, but laid back Bath still has a lot to offer its visitors looking to have a good time once the sun has gone down. Belushi’s and The Raven are two local pubs offering locally brewed beers and an equally unique English pub atmosphere. CAMRA and Venue Magazine named the Raven Bath Pub of the Year. The Raven is also the only pub where you can find “Raven and “Raven’s Gold” ales, which are brewed specially for the pub. The Raven offers an ale selection upwards of 200 ales along with their popular hot pies, a crispy pastry served on a bed of mash potatoes or fries.  Belushi’s not only provides its patrons with great food and drink, but is also a center for entertainment with Open Mic, ladies night and live bands. Both pubs are known for their friendly atmospheres and central location in Bath.

Bath’s legendary nightclub, Moles, is the place to get your punk rock fix. Opened in 1978, Moles has built a sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll reputation with music-lovers thanks the incredible line-ups to grace their stage. The Smiths, Radiohead and The Cure are just a small sample of larger than life bands to have rocked Moles’ stage in the last three decades. Moles is the place to release your inhibitions, dance the night away and see some of the world’s best music acts.

The Cork is one of Bath’s most contemporary pubs. Located on Westgate Buildings, the two bars, vaulted booths, conservatory and terrace area allows for large groups of patrons to mingle and socialize at The Cork.  Go downstairs to The Cork Vaults bar, where the renovated cellars offer a unique drinking experience. The Cork Vaults is linked to the outside terrace where the historic building, once a debtor’s prison, now exposes the Bath limestone, juxtaposing The Corks contemporary architecture to the several hundred years old Bath limestone. Outside patrons can enjoy the lounge atmosphere with mood lighting and party music to match. Inside, patrons get a more traditional pub feel with bar games and pool tables ready for patron use. Whether you are looking for a luxurious lounge or laid back pub atmosphere. The Corks provides their guests with the best of both worlds.

The Tollgate Inn is an award-winning pub and considered one of the country’s top gastro pubs. Set over an acre of land, The Tollgate Inn is not only one of the best places to stay in Bath but also offers one of the best places to drink. Their luscious gardens offer beautiful scenery as you unwind during the summer months with one if their many ales. Their friendly atmosphere will definitely keep you coming back for more during your stay in Bath.

Images via Belushi’s, Flickr, Moles, The Cork and The Tollgate Inn

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