Finding Western Food in Beijing

Food — By Lauren Johnson on November 29, 2010 at 6:00 am

If you are looking for a taste of home in Beijing, look no further than these shopping centers or grocery stores with international imports or at least a decent collection of non-traditional foods and goods.

BHG. This high-end grocery store in the basement of Sanlitun Village boasts an impressive supply of imported beers and wines as well as foods from around the globe, including much sought after chips and dips as well as DIY Mexican foods and microwave dinners.

Shuang An Department Stores. With several floors of shopping, a food court and other entertainment, you’d be surprised that the basement holds an impressive grocery store. Swing by this one-stop-shop for everything from booze to imported foods.

Jenny Lou’s. This is the foremost grocery outlet for expats or visitors seeking imported treats. Located in small shops throughout the city and stocked-full of western treats like cereal, pasta sauce and taco shells, you are sure to find the imported goodie you’ve been craving. Beware that you are paying for the luxury of having western food in the east, as this place isn’t exactly cheap.

Ole. Located inside shopping malls or other oft-visited locations, Ole is an expensive imported foods store that locals have come to rely on. You can find them throughout the city but its better to look up the address instead of wandering around major malls. Expect prices to be a bit high, but the selection, especially of imported snacks, is good here.

Looking for something you can’t find in Beijing, take it to the next level by searching the Imported Food Stores in Shanghai!

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