Where to Watch the 2011 Super Bowl 45 in Beijing, China

Events — By Lauren Johnson on February 6, 2011 at 6:00 am

If you want to watch the Super Bowl 45 live while in Beijing, you’ll have to be a dedicated fan. The game starts at 7:30 am Beijing time….. on Monday morning. Not only will you have to take the day off work, but you’ll have to wake up early, fight your way to a good seat and endure several hours of loud cheering for your rival team. All in all, its not a bad way to spend a Monday.

The Den is one of Beijing’s oldest bars, and one that attracts a continual stream of regulars and businessmen on work. You’ll find that 15rmb grant you a pint of local draft while the 50rmb entry fee covers breakfast. TVs in every corner grant easy watching without possible blockage from tall people or fans in hats. In short, for a simple, affordable and no-frills place to watch the game, The Den is your number one option!

For a wild party, head to Paddy O’Shea’s where you’ll find a rowdy crowd of parties who are willing to wake at 6:00am to get their party on. Starting early, you’ll get breakfast and bottomless coffee for 100rmb, and drink specials, prizes and give-aways throughout the game will keep people interested, alert and in the party mood. There is rumor of a dance contest at half time, and free stuff for people dressed in sports jerseys. For a fun, wild and probably not too serious viewing of the super bowl 45, Paddy’s is your best bet.

A tradition and legend in its own right, Frank’s Place is the oldest surviving sports bar in Beijing. Starting at 7:00am, you’ll get breakfast and a drink for 100rmb. Stay tuned throughout the game and you’ll find a rowdy crowd of sports finatics from across the city who will linger until past lunchtime discussing the game and watching post game reviews. For serious sports fans, this is the place to be for an all out focused and dedicated viewing of Super Bowl 45.

Since the game is being hosted in Texas, head to Tim’s Texas BBQ for a wild morning of drinking, sports and entertainment. A massive breakfast and lunch buffet will be on offer and drink specials continue throughout the game, including 20rmb screwdrivers and bloody marys– a perfect start to a sporty Texan day! There will be a huge screen TV downstairs and several flat screens upstairs, with plenty of comfortable seating for groups and large parties.

This year’s super bowl, between the Packers and the Steelers, is slated to be an impressive head to head match to determine the best team of 2011. for more information on the game, the NFL or anything having to do with the organization itself, visit the official NFL website. s

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