We ‘Xiu’ You What’s Hot!

Nightlife — By Lauren Johnson on March 28, 2011 at 4:06 am

Xiu (pronounced ‘show’) is Beijing’s hottest dance club, rocking riveting live music every night of the week in China’s capital city. Located in the Yintai building with the Park Hyatt Beijing, you can expect the city’s finest to be out having an amazing time.

If you venture out to ‘Xiu’ your friends your hot dance moves, keep in mind that you either need to arrive early or extremely late. The line weaves out into the lobby and stretches to the elevators on special nights, especially lady’s night (Thursday) when the fairer sex gets free vodka drinks all night long simply for having one less Y chromosome.

Xiu has had its fair share of controversy. Known as a hot spot for Beijing’s working women, its often the case that a visiting businessman will be propositioned while dancing or drinking at the Xiu bar. Keep in mind the dangerous of following one of these proposals through, namely the high STD rates and the spread of the AIDS virus in Asia. You’re also giving a woman money for this particular occupation when she could be working in another field. These women are bilingual, sharp and extremely risk tolerant, they could be working in business or as entrepreneurs with the same skills they are using at Xiu. But that isn’t every hot woman in the bar, so don’t assume one way or the other or you might find yourself in an embarrassing guffaw.

Despite the controversy, Xiu continues to attract an amazing crew, including great live bands that play modern music, rock and play songs from today’s hottest stars. The staff and bartenders are above average and continue to perform at high levels, owing to the prestige of working at the Hyatt and with such a famous bar. The entire establishment is run to Western standards with Eastern flare that makes it a memorable and lasting place.

Weekends can get crazy, starting on Thursday and ending early in the morning on Sunday.

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