The Beijing Blues

Nightlife — By Lauren Johnson on April 29, 2011 at 2:44 am

Jazz is extremely popular in Beijing, perhaps owing to the fact that the city has long been a haven for music of every kind, but also because Jazz can easily be played with unique an amazing twists with traditional Chinese instruments.

In Beijing, there are countless jazz bars you can go to listen to amazing music while drinking great cocktails or even smoking a few cigars. Jazz is an upscale activity in Beijing, but that doesn’t mean you have to be loaded to enjoy it.


Cigar Jazz Wine is a great upscale jazz venue where you’ll find all manner of blues, jazz and even fusion music. This is where you want to go if you fancy a brandy, cigar and a plush couch from which to enjoy the show.

Aria is a fine upscale establishment with white decor, plush chairs and an environment that makes you feel you’ve entered the elite part of heaven. A little too pricey for the average Zhou, this establishment caters to the rich and famous.

Mid range:

East Shore Live Jazz is a great mid-range place where you’ll be able to enjoy the Jazz without unloading your entire wallet. The music is often jazz, but that isn’t the only style they play. Punk, grunge and rock are also favorites. Call to find out whats on the docket for the night if you don’t want to take a gamble.

CD Blues Cafe is another mid-range option where you’ll find delightful Jazz most days and night, and even the opportunity to chat with amazing people in the cafe, shop, dine and drink.


Jazz Ya is a great little place where the drinks are not too expensive and there isn’t usually a cover charge. Call in advance to ensure if cost is important to you. Affordable beers are available making the night a cheap one if you choose.

D-22 is a live music dance club where jazz is sometimes on the menu. Call in advance, but you’ll also have a great wild and affordable night out even if jazz isn’t what the D-22 club is serving that evening.

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