Best Wine Bars in Beijing

Nightlife, Romantic — By Lauren Johnson on December 23, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Beijing has an impressive love of wine. In fact, Decatur Magazine recently awarded a Chinese wine the top prize in the yearly assessment, making the Middle Kingdom a front-running contender in the wine business. Wine has been a growing industry in China for some time, and holds an impressive amount of the world’s most valuable wines. The wine bars in the capital are especially impressive, and surpass their Western counterparts in some respects.

Aria Wine and Jazz Bar takes the cake for most impressive wine venue in town. It’s here that you’ll find some of the city’s most powerful and cultured rubbing elbows as they chat business or high fashion.

Enoterra is wine for the everyman. You’ll find it packed during ladies’ night, and the price list is set to accommodate nearly any budget. Located in Sanlitun, it’s clear what crowd they are trying to attract- partiers, after work drinkers and English teachers with a bit of excess cash flow. Still, the wine is good and the rooftop views are excellent in summer.

Scarlett Wine and Restaurant is an upscale eatery with an impressively vast wine list. You’ll see the city’s best and brightest dining and sipping away here, and with a fun rotation of events on the calendar you’re sure to catch a great party at Scarlett. The wine ranges from affordable to absurd, and true wine lovers are sure to find a bottle to please their palate. Located inside Hotel G, this is a one-stop shop for many of the city’s most famous guests.

La Cave is an interesting blend of wine bar and high-class exclusionary taste. The selection is impressive, but the mark-up on even mid-range bottles is grotesque. Still, if money isn’t an option for you, the decorations are worth a visit. Set like an old world wine cellar, the feeling of walking into La Cave may make the extortionate prices seem more reasonable.

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