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Wangfujing vs CBD

Wangfujing vs CBD May 27, 2011 | Five Star | Read More
Wangfujing, the King’s Street, is a resplendent pedestrian lane filled with high-end shopping, designer stalls, massive mega malls and some of the city’s best restaurants. CBD, the Central Business District, and caters to the rich, the up-and-coming and business tourists. The CBD has grown...

Beijing Brave!

Beijing Brave! April 5, 2011 | Five Star | Read More
Okay, so Beijing is part of China and China may be part of the third world, but that doesn’t mean it is a scary, dangerous or even unclean place. In fact, what many people think of as China is an outdated, antiquated and even underrated view of what modern China is. Modern Chinese live in sky scrapers,...

Beijing’s Best 5-Star Restaurants

Beijing’s Best 5-Star Restaurants February 17, 2011 | Five Star | Read More
Beijing has an amazing and vast array of five star restaurants that would impress even the most discerning food critic or interior decorator. Beijing is China’s capital city, making it the most important location in the Middle Kingdom. With embassies, big business and government in Beijing, the...

Face The Sun in these Beijing Hotels

Face The Sun in these Beijing Hotels July 29, 2010 | Five Star, Hotels | Read More
The Chaoyang District (Chaoyang Yu in Mandarin), whose name literally means, “facing the sun,” is the city’s most modern quarter. The recent 2008 Olympics saw Beijing undergo massive construction projects, the results of which can be seen in Chaoyang. Here one can spot the famous “Bird’s Nest”...
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