Hamra Street – where it’s happening

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Hamra Street – where it’s happening

Beirut’s famous Hamra Street is fast becoming  the place to go – again. Teeming with traffic, cars and pedestrians alike around the clock, Hamra Street is a pulsating center of the city. Walk up towards the seafront and you reach Manara and the Corniche.

Corniche Al Manara

Walk down and you are in downtown Beirut in about 45 minutes at a leisurely stroll.

Clocktower downtown Beirut

Garden of Cafe Hamra

Street art in Hamra Street

In between people choose Hamra Street to shop and indulge in the favorite Lebanese pastime: café hop. The latest in place is the beautiful Café Hamra. Once a townhouse, the garden has been preserved and walled in and makes for a lovely place to have a meal, a drink or meet with friends. The interior offers soft and comfy sofas, wifi and free books in several languages to while the day away. You will also find a Starbucks, a Costa Coffee and several other brand name cafes along with smaller ‘holes in the wall’ which offer every kind of freshly squeezed fruit juice and snacks like the ever present manouche.

Shop follows shop, from a newly opened H&M to the El Dorado Shopping Center to fabulous shoe and bag shops to boutiques.

Across the road from Café Hamra is the modern and elegant Crown Plaza Hotel with a state of the art gym right next to it.

Come nightfall, traffic increases if that is possible and the many bars in Hamra Street and its side roads offer music, entertainment and drinks galore until 4am or even later.

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  • jamie says:

    looks like a great spot. would be better without the starbucks!
    why does everywhere have plentiful wifi except australia? ridiculous.
    like the street art too, is there much about?
    cheers, jamie

  • inka says:

    Quite a bit of street art Jamie. And the place is absolutely hopping.

  • Adam says:

    I love the street art as well. We love checking it out in every city we go to. Sounds like a fun place, and not what I would have thought of from Beirut. There’s so much I don’t know about this area, so I’m really enjoying this site and your posts. You’re giving us some great ideas for when we eventually make it to that part of the world.

  • Robin says:

    Beirut is a city I would absolutely love to see someday!


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