Berlin in Summer: The Best Berlin?

What's New — By nickmahshie on May 4, 2010 at 1:02 am

There are a number of reasons to believe the many northern European destinations are best experienced in Summer. Though Winters in Paris can be picturesque and the Fall in Rome is temperate and less crowded, Berlin is really one of those cities that offer so much more to the visitor if temperatures are agreeable.

Cold weather, snow and rain don’t necessarily have to define a city, and they don’t when it comes Berlin. This city is absolutely spilling over with cultural events and sites going on year-round. The number of indoor venues, theatres and festivals, whether it’s the world-renown Berlin Film Festival, or the constantly evolving gallery scene, the Berlin visitor is offered more than enough to do in the vain of cultural and entertainment related activities. Still, if you’ve ever seen Berlin in Summer, you’ll wonder why anyone would plan his or her trip during any other season.

The summer months make for a colorful and lively landscape throughout the city. Parks and plazas burst with life and outdoor soccer games and street performers dot the landscape all around you.  Among the most colorful of your possible summer-time excursions in Berlin is the Britzer Garten, located just southeast of the city center in the suburbs of Neukölln. At the end of August, nearly 10,000 dahlias come into bloom, stealing the show and illuminating this picturesque park with color.

Another exciting spot for the warm weather traveler is Berlin’s zoo. The zoo, once a popular spot among German thinkers and philosophers alike, also boasts an impressive collection of animals, nearly 15,000 to be exact. Located right in the center of the famous Tiergarten parks in Berlin, the zoo is easily accessible from all parts of the city. When temperatures are agreeable, animals can be scene roaming among the middle-eastern and Asian influenced structures that house them.

Though Berlin doesn’t typically stand out as a city filled with color, it’s wintertime blues are impressively counteracted by a diverse and lively summer scene. The crowds of tourists are bigger, but the sense of movement that compliments the city makes for a thoroughly enjoyable Berlin.