In Berlin Bars, Ambience Reigns Supreme

What's New — By nickmahshie on June 6, 2010 at 9:08 pm

In a city with so much history on it’s back, a long day of touring the town and soaking up the sites can only best be complemented in true German style- with a drink. Luckily, Berliners know exactly how to take care of business when it comes to indulging in cocktails and beers. With a wide range of locally brewed beers and a penchant for drinking them, you’ll find no shortage of great locations throughout the city to relax and enjoy the beverages.

In Berlin, it’s not just about the drinks being served up, rather, the atmosphere can make all the difference. With a variety of venues to appease everyone’s taste, you’ll find the ultra chic butted up against the super hip, all in a night’s outing. If you’re thinking of starting with something low-key, why not try Mysliwka, where the simplicity of the place is akin to spending time in a comfortable lodge with friends. Laid-back Polish style and an ideal location on Schlesischestraße keep this staple bar popular as others in a similar position have come and gone.

Getting comfortable is easy over a few drinks in Berlin’s abounding bars and clubs, but when it comes to choosing a place with a little bit of class and unique sense of style, you’ll find choosing one is the most difficult part. Themed bars abound in Berlin, from anything like a Russian pool hall to a hidden underground spot only accessible by the touch of a doorbell. With respect to this particularity in thematic drinking venues, Riva, named after a 1970’s Italian football hero, hits the nail on the head. With classy colors and an impressive bar occupying the greater part of this tunnel like space, you’ll wonder if you were just transported back in time to the Italian disco scene. An impressive variety of cocktails compliment the unique atmospheres that define this chic Mitte hang out.

If you’re feeling a bit trippy or just looking to counteract the flashiness of your Mitte bar hopping hours, then make your way to Lübbener Straße, where you will literally find a bar that turns your night around. The unique décor here can only best be described as ‘upside down’, because in fact, that it is. The decorations adorning the walls, from world maps to pots and pans, have all been assembled in reverse, making your tipsiness that much more profound. The out of body experience that Berlin offers on levels of city attractions, great museums, world-class cuisine, and hot bars is only topped off to an extreme degree with this one-of a kind bar, French-owned, known as Madame Claude.

From gritty and urban to chic and refined, Berlin’s diverse neighborhoods and unending desire to show off a diverse attraction to bar-life make it a top choice for those looking to enjoy a night on the town. Unique venues create distinct atmospheres and make going out in Berlin always a new experience.