The Best Lunch $5 Can Buy in Berlin

Food — By Jenny on June 6, 2010 at 12:27 am

Not only can you get a good lunch for $5 in Berlin, but you can get a taste of one of Berlin’s most famous dishes for dirt cheap at Curry 36. Currywurst was supposedly invented in the late 1940s and grew in popularity as a street food as it was tried and enjoyed by construction workers rebuilding the city. Since then, it has become one of Germany’s (and particularly Berlin’s) most loved and celebrated dishes – there’s even a Currywurst Museum here! There’s no way you can come here and miss out on a chance to try it.

There are lots of carts and stands around the city offering their own take on the dish, but few are as popular or well-known as Curry 36, one of the longer-running places in town. It began as one of the ubiquitous carts around the city, and has grown into one of the mainstay takeout places. Open nearly 24 hours per day, it opens for breakfast and stays open until the wee hours, providing fuel for the club-going masses. It’s the perfect place to stop for a mid-day meal, though. The lines can be long, as it’s popular with both locals and tourists, and it’s great food on the cheap.

You can get two wurst on a roll for 3.20 euros — served with french fries and a gallon of ketchup, of course. Feeling even cheaper? Go for the boulette, a large German beef meatball accompanied by mustard and pickles. That will only set you back 1.50 euros. And it’s good, too, with just the right amount of grease. Don’t expect high-class service here, but it’s quick and friendly. These folks want to get you your food and get it to you fast, and they accomplish that task with impressive efficiency. Then you can huddle around a bar-height table and savor the spices that ooze from your wurst. Wash it all down with a stein of beer, and you’re truly living like a Berliner.

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