5 Places to Propose in Bogota

Nightlife, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Richard McColl on October 21, 2011 at 12:22 pm

To a romantic, a glance upwards through the crisp clean high altitude air over to the mountains that rise on Bogota’s eastern rim, the city is a perfect, if not pastoral place with a plethora of ideal locations where you can pop the question to your loved one.

And why not pick a different location such as a mountain top, romantic restaurant, interesting museum or the like in order to make this a memorable occasion? Everything considered it all makes sense really as the Colombian Government has spent immeasurable amounts of money on a country campaign to bill Colombia as a place of passion.

Here we list 5 of the top places to propose to your loved one in Bogota. By no means is this a definitive list, feel free to comment and add recommendations. Below is a hopefully a broad slice of life in Bogota that could appeal to a large number of lovebirds.

1. Monserrate

A preferred location to propose by Colombians, located high above Bogota with unrivalled views of the city. Our recommendation is to book ahead at the highly rated San Isidro restaurant that is found up here on the Cerro de Monserrate and catch the cable car or funicular up in time to catch the sunset over the capital.

2. Parque Simon Bolivar or the Cerros Orientales

Over the two options picked, personally I would err towards embarking on the only partially demanding hike up the pine covered Cerros Orientales enjoying the sun patches that break through the trees and then open out with views of the city. But if the weather is poor and you are not the hiking kind, then head down to the vast Parque Simon Bolivar for a respite from Bogota’s chaos in order to enjoy the “lungs of Bogota” as you pose the question.

3. Zona Rosa or Zona T

With dozens of high quality restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes, you could find yourself spoilt for choice in the nightlife districts of uptown Bogota. Please do your research beforehand as you don’t want to be shouting down an over a raucous vallenato number and free yourself of your new best Colombian friends as complete strangers ply you with shots of Old Parr as you try and look deeply into your other half’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings as a prelude to your proposal!

4. Rooftop of the Gato Gris

A blink and you’ll miss it location in an alleyway alongside the Chorro de Quevedo (the plazoleta where Bogota was founded by the Spanish), the Gato Gris is one of those atmospheric locations where you could imagine a brooding writer hunched over a potent local cocktail. There is live music on the weekends, but you are here for the roof terrace found after a seemingly perilous walk up three storeys that takes you out to a small but perfectly formed L-shape with two fireplaces and fine views of the roofs of the Candelaria.


And why not? The Museum of Modern Art in Bogota is an excellent representation of the cultural riches found in the Colombian capital. Reflecting your intellectual and erudite leanings, this is a win win situation. Perhaps do a recce a few days beforehand to check out opening times, special exhibitions and of course the sala that takes your fancy.


Of course, the decision remains with you, will it be a clear air, clear headed decision in the great outdoors, dinner and dancing in one of Bogota’s unstoppable nightspots, arty and eclectic or just well chosen? Whatever the case, pop the question in Bogota and it is certain to be memorable!

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