Where to Get the Very Best Ajiaco in Bogota

Food, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Richard McColl on October 27, 2011 at 5:50 pm

Thick, filling and warming, the ajiaco soup offered in Bogota, is the hearty meal many dream of when visiting the Colombian capital city.

Take skinless chicken breast, shred it, cook it up and place it in a broth of three different types of potatoes,  papas criollas (yellow), sabaneras (red), and tocarreñas (white), chicken stock, guasca (an indigenous herb also referred to in the US as Gallant Soldier), corn on the cob and once it’s prepared top off with cream and capers. Alongside this set a platter with a slice of avocado and some rice as accompaniments.


This ultimate high altitude comfort food warms you on the coldest days and can be found in many restaurants about Bogota, obviously, with varying degrees of quality.

Casa Vieja

The Casa Vieja chain is found all over Bogota from the Zona G to the Candelaria and to places in-between and its speciality is traditional Colombian cuisine. In addition to Ajiaco you can try the bandeja paisa, sancocho and other delicacies.

La Puerta Falsa

Located in a 400 year old building, the Puerta Falsa is Bogota’s oldest most traditional restaurant. You can try hot chocolate with cheese, changua and other local dishes but our recommendation is to stick to the ajiaco in this hole in the wall.

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  • Chris A says:

    Noticed the irregular shape of the sweetcorn? Everything in Colombia is about taste, whereas food in the UK is perfectly symmetrical and shiny, but tasteless.


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