Best Dessert Spots in Bogota

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Myriam  Camhi

By no means restricted solely to desserts Myriam Camhi is a Bogota institution and the benchmark to which all other dessert specialists are held. Fill up on their cheesecakes, Lemon Meringue pie, pecan pie, cookies or oreo cake. You have to stretch your imagination to just understand how many options are available here.

Productos Joyce

You may not encounter a finer milhojas with arequipe in all of Colombia. This is neither an exaggeration nor lies, as quite frankly the wafer thin pastry melts in your mouth giving way to a homemade caramel that positively zings yours taste buds.

Crepes and Waffles

A national favourite, Crepes and Waffles, best resembles a North American franchise but is 100 per cent Colombian. Choose from elegantly constructed sundaes, Belgian waffles dripping in caramel, a simple cone or a particularly Moorish milkshake.

La Puerta Falsa

We had to include at least one location in the Candelaria and la Puerta Falsa makes the cut since the windows are stacked high with traditional delicacies such as brittled biscuits, rice pudding, manjar blanco, dulce de limon and flan.

Endulza tu Paseo

Entering the rural seat of Endulza tu Paseo in a country finca on the outskirts of the city is liking visiting your favourite aunt knowing that she will spoil you rotten. Enjoy strawberries and cream (easy on the strawberries!), Tres Leches, fruit sponges, floating islands and other treats to raise sugar levels and send your children into extreme hyperactivity.

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