Hiking to the Pena de Juaica, near Tabio, Colombia

Things to Do — By Richard McColl on January 20, 2012 at 10:18 pm

Welcome to the Colombian capital of UFO sightings!

So frequent are sightings of unexplained lights hovering above the Pena de Juaica in the region of Cundinamarca just outside Bogota, that this area has become a destination in its own right for hikers wishing to experience the paranormal.

And why not? The whole region here is steeped in the weight of history and there were strong indigenous settlements here prior to the arrival of the Spanish colonizers. Here, Zie, the goddess of water was revered and from the Pena (mountain), local Muisca tribes could spot any invading force.

Now a popular hiking trail, adventure seekers make the trip out to Tabio, the nearest town just 1 hour from the capital, and venture up to this vantage point that allows for views that, on a clear day, stretch over the Sabana de Bogota for up to 380km (236mi).

And the extraterrestrial activity doesn’t stop with mere sightings…

Depending on how you look at it, the Tabiuno (resident of the town of Tabio) who claims to have been abducted by extraterrestrial from his farm and deposited in Pitalito, Huila – some 521km (323mi) to the south, has either been very lucky or incredibly unfortunate.

So, a word of warning to would be hikers, this too may happen to you!

Anyhow, the story ends not here; our abductee was able to give a press conference on his experience in his home town before upping sticks and relocating to Bogota. Here, he opened a clinic as his experience had apparently gifted him “curative powers”.

And while we might guffaw at claims of abductions, it is widely believed by the townsfolk that any UFO sightings are actually signals that point to hidden treasures dating back to the time of the Spanish conquest.

But, attempt the hike and enjoy unrivalled high altitude views as you’ll climb from 2600m to 3200m (8530ft – 10,500ft) and enjoy a steep climb and round trip of about 5 hours.

Necessary language:


Guaca – Pre Colombian tomb or treasure

Guaquero – Tomb raider

Extraterrestre – Extraterrestrial

Rapto – Abduction

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