Where to Find the Best Mexican Restaurants in Bogota

Food, Nightlife, Things to Do — By Richard McColl on March 16, 2012 at 4:49 pm

Do you miss the picante nature of Mexican food? Perhaps the mild yet filling staple offerings in Bogota are just not doing it for you. Rest assured, solace in the form of excellent Mexican food is never far off. So, here, we take a look at four options to sate the most urgent cravings of chilaquiles, tortillas, mole, sopa de tortilla, refried beans and everything else delicious that hails from below the Rio Grande. As you would imagine there are quite a few to choose from, but, we have narrowed the final contest down to four establishments that have been tried and tested and are located in the Zona Rosa, the Macarena and the Candelaria districts in order to ensure that we have our bases covered!

Casa Mexicana

Not a shadow of doubt that this is Bogota’s most authentic Mexican experience. The location is an unforgettable corner west of the Atlantis shopping center, but it’s what’s within that counts. Enormous plates of delicious food await, allowing you to refuel whilst taking a break from shopping in the Zona Rosa. If you don’t have  time for lunch then head here to pick up essential ingredients with which to create your own Mexican specialties from their overwhelming well stocked shop.

Agave Azul

The Macarena district is famous for many things, but one of the standout restaurants has to be the Agave Azul. This eatery can probably only seat a maximum of 12 people, at a squeeze, and dishes are designed so that you order a few between friends and then try everything. The pork is well worth a mention.

El Techo

We had to get one in here that feels a bit like a kitsch nightclub. Perhaps the food comes in a close second to the décor and the views offered from the top of the El Retiro shopping center in the Zona Rosa, but what’s to lose when you are with friends and enjoying the mariachis strolling between the tables and fantastically potent margaritas!?


And how could we overlook the colonial Candelaria district, sometimes referred to as the Zona Culinaria for the offer of fine dining options? Up the hill on the Calle 10, close to all the museums that draw in the droves to this area, Enchiladas will leave you dreaming of your next visit to the Aztec nation. Head here for the Day of the Dead celebrations and feast yourself on Sopa de Tortilla.

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