An Adventure for Foodies: D’Talipapa Fish Market

Food — By Phillippa Stewart on June 16, 2010 at 5:20 am

For a fun, and more interesting, meal out head to the fish market and choose your own food. The stallholders sell the catch of the day and it can range from tuna steaks to shrimp, to white bait and rainbow fish. Simply choose your fish, your cut and tell the stallholder how much you want.

By Phillippa Stewart

A good tip is to ask a local to buy it for you so you aren’t subject to inflated tourist prices.

The restaurants surrounding the market are basic but are set up to cook fish brought from the market. They charge by weight (to the nearest kilo – so it’s worth asking for a round number when you order your fish). The restaurants will cook it to order be it grilled, fried, or covered in garlic or chili. Ask the chef what he suggests will work best as they often come up with combinations you wouldn’t have thought of. Most fish is served with rice.

While you can bring in your own seafood you can’t bring in your own drinks so be prepared to spend money if you want to drink.

By Phillippa Stewart

There are also lots of street vendors selling the usual tourist paraphernalia so you can always indulge in a bit of shopping after eating.

The fish market may not be for the faint hearted – but don’t be put off by the smell, fish eyes, or the flies that the locals keep fanning away. It is great fun and you’ll end up with a meal you wont forget in a hurry. A truly Filipino dining experience.

How to get there: D’Talipapa is situated near station 2, and it is well signposted.