One Night in Boracay

Nightlife — By Phillippa Stewart on June 16, 2010 at 5:15 am

By Phillippa Stewart

If you’re short on time in Boracay here are some suggestions to make the most of the night.

Start the night by hiring a local sailing boat and aim to be out on the water for sunset. There is nothing more relaxing than watching the sunset and then lying back on the boat and watching the stars as you sail home. A good tip is to buy a few drinks and nibbles in advance so you can have a mini picnic out on the water.

Most of the sailing beaches pick you up and drop you off at White beach – which is handy as this is where Boracay’s nightlife is centered. Why not grab a pre dinner tipple and make the most of the numerous beach bars offering happy “hour”? Luckily happy hour can stretch from 4pm to around 9pm in some bars.

If you get a bit peckish walk down White Beach and you will find the whole strip dominated by restaurants. Many offer all you can eat buffets but do check how long the fish has been outside for before you tuck in. The Mongolian BBQ is particularly tasty and is cooked to order.

Head to Hey Jude or Juice Bar if you fancy a lively night (Station Two), or if you fancy a more relaxed atmosphere try the bars around Station Three. The Red Pirate is a great little chill out beach bar in the area. The bar plays a lot of reggae and tribal music and has a great atmosphere.

A perfect end to the evening is to take a stroll (or paddle) along the beach. It is a great way to soak up the atmosphere and to do a bit of people watching. Fire poi can often be seen on the beach especially outside the Bamboo Lounge – this can make for some really fantastic pictures.

For hardcore party animals watch the sunrise and see the new day dawn – Boracay style.

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