Memorial Day Beaches in Boston

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Andrea Mooney on May 24, 2011 at 8:03 pm

Photo by BostonPhotoSphere

So you’re in town for Memorial Day weekend. The forecast is showing weather in the 80’s so beach plans aren’t a total loss just yet. The only question is, where to go? Boston is as arm’s length away from islands like Nantucket and the Vineyard, and the Cape is just a ferry ride across the water, but if you’re looking for a city beach, that is available through quick public transit, the options are slim.

We’ve narrowed it down to the two largest shoreline areas – the North Shore and the South Shore. We’ll let you duke it out like the locals do on which is better, but here’s a little insight on what to expect from each, based on shoreline, surrounding activities, food, and

First of all, Castle Island is not really a beach. True, it has a shoreline that includes Carson beach, but it’s small and shallow, and the sand isn’t exactly reminiscent of Caribbean vacations. Most folks lay on the grassy knoll atop the hill to get the best sun and overlook
the fishermen, boats, and strollers. The surrounding activities here beat out that of Revere Beach, because there’s a three-mile loop for runners, roller bladers and dog walkers, a playground with picnic benches, and a historic site. The food is a fierce rival – Sullivan’s is as cheap as you can get, and sells the essentials – burgers, hot dogs, fries and milk shakes.  Transportation is by the #9 bus through Copley, Broadway, and then on to City Point. At the end, you’ll have to walk about 15 minutes to the castle.

Revere Beach, although made fun of for its lack of cleanliness and class, is an actual beach. There is much more room to spread out, walk, and set up camp here, and for the most part, the area itself is kept up more than its reputation. Surrounding activities aren’t as prevalent here, so come for less of an active day, and more of a beach-centered event. Food is characterized mostly by Kelly’s Roast Beef, which is a local legend for its enormous roast beef sandwiches. Other restaurants like Antonia’s and Bianchi’s make the options more appetizing than Castle Island’s. Public transportation from the blue line is easy – just take the Blue Line from Government Center
outbound, get off at the Revere Beach station, and walk along Ocean Avenue until you find a spot that suits you.

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