Road Trips From Boston

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Andrea Mooney on June 18, 2011 at 5:20 pm

Sometimes, you just need to leave the city. We get it. The hustle and bustle are great until they grate on your senses, and you need a change. Luckily, Boston is surrounded by cool places that are within arm’s reach. While most of them are accessible by public transportation, we suggest renting a car to get there more efficiently, especially if you’re bringing luggage with you.

photo by breahn

In New England, summer is prime. It’s all the warmth we get, so you’d be nutty to take a road trip from Boston to somewhere that didn’t have a beach. Here are the top three places to go:

A small bed and breakfast town about an hour’s drive north of Boston, Rockport gives kind of a “days of yore” vibe. With historic homes and inns peppered along the rocky coast, there are plenty of places to rent or stay along your journey. Know one thing though: Rockport is a dry town, which means it doesn’t sell alcohol, even at restaurants. You can, however, bring your own bottle of wine. Enjoy the beach (the water’s cold!) and kick back without the sound of traffic.

Portland, Maine
About an hour and a half north of Boston on route 95 is Portland Maine. It’s a pint-sized place that specializes in waterfront, cafes, and well, pints of beer. The city prides itself on having a very strong appreciation of all things local, and from food to drinks to boutiques, you can expect to find unique fare. A mix of hotels and B&Bs are within walking distance of the downtown area.

For the car-less, take the ferry to Provincetown for the day. It takes about an hour and a half from Boston, and you’ll step foot on the farthest tip of the Cape. One of the most progressive parts of Cape Cod, Provincetown has a thriving arts scene and gay culture. Eat at any one of its gourmet restaurants, and shop at pricey boutiques if your travel budget allows. Accommodation here is expensive in the summer, so book early or make it a day trip.

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