Using the T: Boston’s Public Transit

Travel Tips — By jessicapolizzotti on September 16, 2011 at 7:05 am
MBTA Train

By bill85704/flickr

Driving around Boston is difficult. The streets were not placed in neat blocks like those in other cities. In fact, the streets intersect at odd angles, made even stranger with the construction that seems to always be happening around the city. Having lived here my whole life, you’d think I could easily offer driving directions, sadly, Boston’s complexities in street travel make giving accurate driving directions nearly impossible-even for this lifer.  Leave the car behind because your best bet for navigating Boston is to take the T. First thing you’ll need is a Charlie Card or Charlie Ticket; that is the T’s ticket system. In town for a day, think about how much you’ll use the T. At $9.00 for the day for unlimited use. At $2.00 a pop for the subway, and $1.50 for the bus, the day pass is only a good deal if you will be taking more than four (exiting a train station of transferring from bus to bus) rides that day. The real deal is in the 7 day pass; for a mere $15.00 you can ride any train (limited Commuter Rail access), bus, or inner harbor ferry all you want. Figure out where you want to go; check out the subway, bus, ferry or commuter rail map to help you decide how to get there. Now, hop on and enjoy the stress-free way of traveling around the city.

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