It Would be Wicked Good if You Dropped the R’s

Travel Tips — By jessicapolizzotti on September 25, 2011 at 1:37 pm
No R's

Photo By Jessica Polizzotti

Boston is famous for many things, most of all its accent. The infamous tale of Bostonians leaving out their R’s is no joke. All of my Boston born friends have serious accents; sometimes even I really need to focus to understand them talk. My family members have the Boston accent too, but somehow this bit of  being from Boston skipped me. However, an “R-less” vocabulary is not the only way to identify a Bostonian; they also love to overuse the word wicked (overuse of wicked is a “Boston-ism” I am happily guilty of).  So, if you want to fit in, drop your R’s and add the word wicked to your vocabulary. Think of all the conversations it can enhance before you tell me it sounds trashy. Here are a few lines to try out that will make you look like a native: at the Sox game, “Watching the Sox hit a homah (homer) over the Green Monstah (Monster) is wicked awesome.” , on the subway, “You’re wicked close to me, move ovah (over).”, or in a restaurant, ” I’ll have the chowdah (chowder) and a lobstah (lobster) roll; they’re wicked good at this place.”.  Ready to practice on real Bostonians? Head to your nearest Dunkin Donuts (always packed with true Bostonians), listen to those around  you, and drop your Rs like it’s your job. By now, you should have a wicked good Boston accent.

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