Where to Pop the Question

Things to Do — By jessicapolizzotti on October 7, 2011 at 1:11 pm
Engagement Ring

photo by Lucid Dreamer ♥ on Flickr

Before I got engaged I must admit that I fantasized the moment. Some were big, fancy, flashy fantasies in which I was dressed to the nines, surrounded by fanfare, and in a location where I knew the most wonderful things had to happen. One such fantasy was being given the Engaging Martini at the Oak Room. Complete with dinner, a one bedroom suite, and credit to purchase the ring this $12,750 “drink” was my dream, but it was not my destiny. Others were seasonal fantasies like what I refer to as the winter wonderland engagement –  I’m skating on the Frog Pond and the ice is cleared, my husband to be and I remain on the ice where he falls to one knee, ring in hand. I saw this proposal take place for another lucky lady a few weeks before my own, and I must admit I was devastated to have it “stolen” from me. But everything happens for a reason, even if we do not know the reason at the time.  My fall fantasy involved a few tweaks to a friend’s apple picking engagement story. I adapted it to include my favorite adult apple picking location, Nashoba Valley Winery. Perfect for an apple picking proposal because it lacks a petting zoo and hayrides (not too crowded with wild kids), but it has a winery and a restaurant. My dream included a picnic on their lawn, overlooking the turning leaves, in the crisp fall air with a bottle of MA made wine while my guy, seated by my side, pulls the ring out of his pocket and pops the question.  Alas, falls came and went and no ring was offered to me in the orchard.  Another perfectly romantic proposal I dreamed up was standing under the trellis in Christopher Columbus Park along the waterfront, lights twinkling above, boats lining the harbor, a serene scene in the center of the city. The ideal location for a proposal on a warm spring or summer night after having eaten dinner in the North End. After many North End dinners I walked under that trellis, and the fantasy faded a little each time it did not come true. Of all my fantasies, none compare to my reality. I’ve been married for over four years now, and lots of memories have faded, but I’ll never forget my husband’s perfect proposal. A fantasy I could have never dreamed because he created it especially for me. It was Christmas Eve and we were doing our usual last minute shopping in Boston’s Back Bay.  We always grab drinks during this adventure so when he suggested we stop for a snack and a drink at Top of the Hub I was on board. Needless to say, a ring came out, he babbled something that ended with will you marry me, and I said yes. I have been to Top of the Hub many times before and after my proposal, but the view from the Top never looked better than it did that afternoon. Armed with this information all you need to do is select your perfect proposal spot, and remember that no matter where you choose to ask, your proposal will outshine her every fantasy, because all that really matters is that you are the one asking.

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