New Restaurant Serves Vegetarian South American Fare

Food, What's New — By Jess Steinitz on March 1, 2011 at 7:13 am

A new restaurant has opened in North Boulder serving authentic, vegetarian cuisine from South America. Zudaka is owned by a husband and wife team from Colombia and Venezuela, respectively. The highlight of their menu are their arepas, which are traditional Venezuelan corn meal pockets. These gluten-free patties are tasty on their own, but are especially amazing when stuffed with meatless beef chili and cheese (vegan or regular) in their La De Chili, or with black beans and sweet plantains in their Negrita Dulce.

Their appetizers are equally amazing, and the fried yuca with guasa is not to be missed. Yuca is a tuberous root from the potato family that is native to South America and guasa is the Venezuelan version of guacamole. For dessert, the vegan arroz con leche is a real treat, as are the figs in syrup.

Certain types of ethnic restaurants, such as Indian and Thai, lend themselves more readily to vegetarian dishes, but Zudaka is a real treat for vegetarians or health-conscious eaters wanting some authentic Latin flavor.


[Photos courtesy of Zudaka Restaurant]