Visit the Museum of Moab For $5

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How Cheap Is Cheap?

Who can buy anything for $5 these days? It hardly gets you a double tall skim mocha latte, for pete’s sake. And about a gallon and a half of gas. Moab’s no exception (hey, it’s a tourist town, locals have to survive somehow). However, you can get a whole heck of a lot for $5 at their rockin’ little museum. Entertainment for hours! Actually interesting history lessons! Respite from the heat in the summers and chill in the winters! This, my friends, is a good thing.

The Best $5 You’ll Ever Spend
The Museum of Moab is a pretty sweet deal. First off, it’s five bucks to check it out. That’s adult admission. If you pay the adult admission price, you can also take in a kid under 17 for free! Why should you do it? Well, hello–it’s all about Moab’s pretty cool history. Here’s what I’m talking about:
Geology – featuring a 55 square foot, three-dimensional topographical map of the region
Dinosaurs – check out the over four-foot tall leg of the Utah Raptor (yeah, gulp)
Ancient native tribes – people have lived in this area continuously for 12,000 years
Pioneers – including rough and rowdy law-breakers and steely-eyed lawmakers
Miners – uranium boom, anyone?

The Low-Down

I could wander this place for hours. That huge dinosaur leg held my attention, as did the ancient pottery from long-since-left cultures. The gorgeous burden basket is especially breathtaking. One of the coolest things to me is the oral histories. This is when someone interviews locals who lived here way back in the day about their personal history or local events. I love hearing firsthand about old-time cowboys, the uranium boom days, early days of the National Park services, and just people’s individual memories. Some of the voices can be a little hard to understand at times, due to the recording quality or how old that particular tape is.

Now You Do It
Check out their website’s Events page for details on cool happenings when you’re in town. For example, from now through November 3rd, the traveling exhibit New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music will be jumpin’ and jivin’. The museum is closed Sundays, and Saturdays it doesn’t open till noon, so plan ahead.

If You’d Like to Splurge

Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum is located in Blanding, Utah, about 75 miles south of Moab along U.S. 191. This is a great place to check out if you’re interested in the ancient cultural history of the area. It’s an easy stop along the scenic route toward Capitol Reef National Park, which in turn is en route to both Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. Hands down, Edge of the Cedars houses some of the best examples of Fremont Indian history, including ruins. The museum was built over an original site, and the remains can be viewed out back–you can climb down into a 1,000-year-old kiva! (The ladder is newer than that and quite sturdy.) The museum also contains the largest collection of Anasazi (Ancestral Puebloan) pottery in the Four Corners area. $5 for adults, $3 for kids (really little ones under five are free). (435) 678-2238.

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