Zion’s Top 5 Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

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Zion National Park is known for its hard-hitting outdoor activities and scenic hiking trails. But Zion has Valentine’s Day charm too, folks! Especially for you outdoorsy types. If you’re seeking a romantic place for dinner, there are some cozy little spots. In the Park and in neighboring Springdale, here are a few restaurants you and your sweetie can enjoy while gazing into one another’s eyes on this day set aside for romance.


The Spotted Dog is the place if you want to go really big on Valentine’s Day. Although not as astronomically expensive as big city fine dining, with main courses ranging from $12-26 a plate, the Dog isn’t what most people have in mind on vacation! But it possesses charm, romance, and delicious food in spades. Go on, do it. Your honey will probably love the fact that you went to the trouble and expense of this lovely restaurant.


You can’t beat the Majestic View for honestly fabulous views of Zion Canyon. Talk about a charming, romantic restaurant. Quite good food also can be yours for a modest amount. And if you or your sweetie appreciates a good brew, this is definitely your place; the Majestic View features an onsite brewery.


Want to find yummy yet not wallet-destroying food? Head to the Bit & Spur. Filled with local ambiance as well as locals, the Bit & Spur is a delicious Mexican place that has a full bar and the sort of info you get only from local residents. The food is praise-worthy excellent, the winter vibe cozy, and the charm doesn’t cost a lot. Yum!

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Go Back

Impress your honey at the classy Red Rock Grill, the only serious restaurant inside Zion National Park itself. Noted for its elegant menu items (try the Prickly Pear Trout Salad for something really new) and full bar, the windows frame views of the red rock walls of Zion. Hard to beat for romance! This is the place to go for an insider’s view of Zion National Park. And if you visit annually, this might be the place to go back to time and time again.

Have a Cheap Date

I know, I know; you want to impress her/him, but you guys are climbers, for pete’s sakes! You spend your money on gear, not food. If your budget for dinner out is the lowest possible, where can you go and still have a romantic evening? Zion Pizza & Noodle. Think spaghetti, think pizza, think beer, think fun. The hands-down favorite with locals, it’s fun, relaxed, has a top-notch beer selection, and definitely leaves room in your bank account for those sweet cams that just went on sale…

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