Thunder Thighs Dinosaur Fossil Discovered Near Moab

What's New — By julietrevelyan on February 24, 2011 at 5:31 pm

Apparently, having thunder thighs might not be all that bad. Not, that is, if you were a dinosaur that needed to charge across the landscape in a New York minute, propelled by your massive thighs, or deliver a lethal kick to opponents or prey.

The recent Brontomerus mcintoshi discovery lends yet more information to paleontologists about these ancient, extinct giants. Two sets of bones, adult and juvenile, were uncovered in 1994 in a previously-looted quarry near Moab. Until researchers noticed the unusually large thigh bones, the specimens just hung out in museum storage.

This entire area is famous for its dinosaur fossil remains. The serious aridity of this high desert contributes to the preservation of the tens of millions of years old creatures.

image: zaui/Flickr

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