Salt Creek Road in Canyonlands Remains Closed to Vehicles by Federal Order

Travel Tips, What's New — By julietrevelyan on May 31, 2011 at 8:58 pm

Salt Creek Road in Canyonlands National Park is a contentious spot. If you’ve ever thought a Jeep tour along it might be a nice idea, think again: a federal judge in Utah has handed down an 81-page ruling that declares Salt Creek to be not a road at all, which has some supporters cheering and some opponents casting dark looks. More detailed background on this particular controversy sheds light on the fragile history and ongoing battle over land use in Utah’s excellent backcountry areas. Read the Environmental Assessment, released in 2002, for more information. Located in the Needles District, Salt Creek Canyon is beloved by many, although often for different reasons.

You can still hike this area, which is a common activity for those wishing to reach the spectacular Angel Arch, which some argue is the finest in Canyonlands.

image: cm195902/Flickr

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