Top 5 One-Day Excursions from Budapest

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When there’s any mention of Hungary it’s always Budapest that springs to mind, but there are plenty of other settlements that deserve at least a day’s worth of attention. Once the capital is done and dusted, there are numerous directions to extend your Hungarian horizon! Here are just a few…


Szentendre’s “Fő tér” (Photo courtesy of: Alex Barrow)

This lovely little town nicknamed the „town of artists” is only a 40 minute ride from the inner city via the suburban railway. Its location along the river in the Danube Bend, little cobble stone alleys, romantic cafés and tiny arts collections provide it with an enchanting atmosphere.


Gödöllő Royal Palace (Photo courtesy of: Jk at en.wikipedia)

Queen Elizabeth or more commonly known as Sissy had a habit of collecting palaces in various destinations around Europe, and Hungary is one of the less surprising ones considering she was the wife of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. She loved Gödöllő and absolutely needed an excuse to spend more time here, so had a palace built. It is just as beautiful as its surrounding: Gödöllő makes for a lovely excursion.


Wine barrel (Photo courtesy of: Danielle Scott)

Hungary has twenty-two wine regions and Etyek is the one closest to Budapest. An excursion makes for great wine tasting and getting more acquainted with local wine cultures in Hungary. I sincerely recommend avoiding driving down and making your way down with a tour bus instead…!


Kecskemét’s Town Hall (Photo courtesy of:

Kecskemét is famous for its Secessionist architecture, with the Town Hall and so-called Cirfapalota being superb examples to look out for. Situated in the puszta or great plain of Hungary, there are several horse riding possibilities and horse shows held in Bugac, a nearby settlement.


Herend porcelain (Photo courtesy of: Gryffindor)

Herend, the world famous town of porcelain is located on the shores of Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe. Apart from the picturesque surroundings, its attractions include the porcelain manufactory and porcelain shop, nearby Tihany Peninsula and Abbey.

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