Big Gigs: Faithless at the Sports Arena

Events, What's New — By Gyongi Asztalos on March 21, 2011 at 12:47 pm

Attention all Faithless fans: Faithless are playing in Budapest at the Budapest Sports Arena at 8pm this evening! If you don’t already have tickets, you can still get them on the spot! Prices range form 6100ft to 14,100ft.

Faithless at the Orange Music Experience Festival in 2005 (Photo courtesy of: Amire80)

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  • Henry Spelter says:

    “Faithless” is not a positive name for anybody or for any organization, whether it’s attached to a materialist or spiritual entity. Who can honor or admire something that has no faith at all and be totally unreliable. It stinks! Bad vibrations.


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