Easter the Hungarian Way

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Easter in Hungary is a two-day holiday celebrated in accordance with the Eastern Orthodox Church, spiced with many age-old folk customs unique to the country. On Holy Saturday believers gather together for Midnight Mass; the Resurrection Ceremony where Easter songs and hymns are sung.

Traditional Folk Customs

Locsolkodás: The so-called “sprinkling” held on Easter Monday. Men playfully sprinkle perfume or perfumed water over women in return for a kiss and a painted red egg. Traditionally however the perfumed water was replaced by buckets of water!

Locsolkodás (Photo courtesy of: markó http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Húsvéti_locsolkodás.jpg)

Egg Painting: Easter eggs are beautifully decorated by women using traditional methods and then given to men after sprinkling. The intricate folk patterns are drawn on with molten wax or painted on using dye made from onion skin.

Easter eggs (Photo courtesy of: képeslap.com http://www.kepeslap.com/H%FAsv%E9ti%20toj%E1sok_IMAGEshow.asp?imageid=73727&userid=6017)

Busojárás: The so-called “Walk of the Buso’s” where men dressed in frightening devil masks parade across the village shouting and rattling old tins. Legend has it that residents of Mohács once scared away the invading Turks by wearing such horrifying masks.

Busojárás (Photo courtesy of: Baráth Gábor http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Busójárás__(Mohács),_2009.png)

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