Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition at the National Museum

Events, What's New — By Gyongi Asztalos on March 28, 2011 at 5:48 pm

The Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition is being held at the National Museum for the 29th time now, this year as part of the Budapest Spring Festival from the 26th of March and 8th of May.

Picture from the Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition of 2009 by Veres Viktor (Blikk): Malev’s Boeing 737 Next Generation plane flying very low over the city (Photo courtesy of:!/sajtofoto)

What’s on display? The most exciting moments of 2010 in pictures: Natural disasters, national dramas and funny snapshots from the everyday life of the nation…

This year’s exhibition features shocking images of last spring’s flood and red sludge incident, shots of Pécs as Cultural Capital of Europe and pictures of the Busojárás in Mohács…just a few of the many events that shaped the country over the past year.

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