Dealing With Emergencies in Budapest

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Emergencies can occur anywhere and everywhere: losing valuables, losing your way, pick pocketing, need for urgent medical assistance…these can all happen to the best of us, and even on holiday! Dealing with them in a completely foreign country can be overwhelming. I mean where does one even begin? To avoid the hassle of having to do all the research yourselves, here’s a short guide to help make things as quick and as simple as possible on your stay in Budapest.

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In need of over the counter drugs?

Left your inhaler at home? Have a painful head ache and in dire need of some painkillers? Had an allergic reaction? Find the closes pharmacy near you! Look out for a white cross in the middle of a green sign, and the word GYÓGYSZERTÁR. Pharmacies in Pest can be found on practically every second corner, and are generally open from 8 am – 6 pm. 24 hour pharmacies can also be found, and below are listed two central ones:

–              Fővám Tér 4, District V. (Opposite the Central Market Hall)

–              Teréz Krt. 41, District VIII. (Along the Great Ring Road near the Nyugati Railway Station)

In need of medical assistance?

Had an accident? In need of urgent medical assistance? Ran out of prescription drugs? Here are two central hospitals/surgeries with casualty units, one on either side of the Danube:

  • Buda side: Frankel Leó út 25-29, District II. (Near Margaret Bridge), tell: 0036 1 438 8300

Lost your ID/passport?

Dealing with lost identification, passport etc. happens at your national consulates/embassies, and is the most tedious process of them all! Why? The offices that deal with it still function according to a  beaurocratic system of past times, meaning what would take a few hours back in your countries, will take about ten times longer here in Budapest! So whatever you do, take good care of your belongings.

Can’t find your way home?

Who else can one turn to in times like this, but the good old taxies!? Though convenient, they are also one of the easiest ways to be ripped off in Budapest. On searching for a taxi, avoid haling one off the street! Instead, pop into the nearest restaurant or bar and ask the staff if they would kindly ring one for you. This way a fixed price can be pre arranged!

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