50 Dollar Day in Budapest

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50 dollars is the equivalent of 9400ft according to today’s exchange rate, meaning a roughly 10 000ft day in Budapest – easy! Budapest may not be the budget destination it used to be 10 years ago, but if one knows the local tips and tricks for saving money, then 10 000ft will get you a long way!

What to Do (Budget: 4000ft – 4500ft)

Active Option: Start the day with a Free Budapest Walking Tours walk from 10:30 (tip the guides 1000ft, 9000ft to go!), then rent a bike for the day at Budapest Bike (3000ft, 6000ft to go!) and cycle back to the places that caught your fancy. Budapest is a bike and walk-friendly city so renting a bike is a great way to save on transportation. Every central attraction is within a 10-15 minute bike ride at the very most.

Biking in Budapest (Photo courtesy of: http://www.seeuinhungary.com/destinations/budapest/rent_a_bike_budapest.htm)

Lazy Option: Buy a 24 hour Hop On Hop Off sightseeing bus ticket (4500ft, 5500ft to go!) and take the 2 hour tour whizzing past all the major attractions of the city. There’s no need to spend any more money on transportation, as most of the sights are within walking distance of all the Hop On stops.

Hop On Hop Off Bus (Photo courtesy of: http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=208334112869#!/hoponhopoff)

What to Eat (Budget: 3000ft)

Breakfast:  Start the day like a Hungarian would and buy bread rolls (zsemle), salami and green peppers (1000ft) at the local grocery store.

Lunch: Pop into the Central Market Hall where one food stall after another temps the eyes with mouth-wateringly delicious Hungarian cuisine of all types, ranging from the good old pörkölt through sausages filled with spicy paprika, liver and black pudding, all the way to poppy seed and sour cherry filled strudels! One meal will cost no more than 1500ft and leaves no room for more, but save 500ft for desert – just in case!

Hungarian Saussage and Mashed Potatoes (Photo courtesy of: George Parilla)

Dinner: There’s no need for a huge dinner after the filling, calorific Hungarian lunch. Go for something light instead, like a salad or some toast (max of 1000ft).

What to Drink (Budget: 2500ft)

Hungary is a win-producing country with 22 wine regions, so local wine is what to drink! As this is  day on a budget, the wine should be bought not by the glass at bars and restaurants, but by the bottle at groceries or supermarkets. Quality Hungarian wine can be bought from 1000ft to 3000ft.

A Bottle of the Famous Hungarian Tokaji Wine (Photo courtesy of: Hungarian Snow)

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