New BA-based must-see documentary films

off the beaten path, What's New — By Elizabeth Gleeson on May 26, 2010 at 12:39 am

Check out these two sites detailing 2 fabulous independent documentary films about Buenos Aires:

American director Julia Reagan has released her project, ArgenChino, into the independent film festival circuit, and is getting all kinds of acclaim. The film gets inside the story behind the ubiquitous Asian-owned supermarkets in Buenos Aires, standardly called ‘chinos.’ Thousands of such grocery stores dot the city, and can be found on nearly every block in many of the central neighborhoods. For more on where the grocers come from and what the chino means to Argentina, as well as trailers and Reagan’s own notes on the film, click here.

The upcoming film ‘Goals for Girls’ investigates the struggles faced by underprivileged girls growing up in BA’s slums and trying to play soccer, a traditionally male-only sport in football-crazy Argentina. The release date of this documentary, which has been following a girls’ soccer team for two years, is set for May 2011. See clips and trailers, and even donate to the production here.

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  • Russ Slater says:

    I would be really interested in seeing the ‘Goals for Girls’ film. There aren’t many countries that don’t have a stigma towards girls playing football it seems. They can do it in England, but not at school, so it’s not exactly as if it is encouraged. Possibly USA but I don’t know enough about it. Anyway, I’m always up for an underdogs story and this certainly seems like one of those!


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