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Sunsets over Buenos Aires + around

off the beaten path — By Elizabeth Gleeson on June 21, 2010 at 10:55 am
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Here’s for a glimpse of the sun going down over Buenos Aires and some surrounding places (that perhaps make for a more scenic sunset than endless, flat-as-a-pancake BA itself), starting with a view from my window in Montserrat:

photo by Elizabeth Gleeson

The following photo is less a sunset – though it occurred at the usual evening dusk hour – than the end of the world brewing on the horizon over the neighborhood of Villa Crespo.

photo by Elizabeth Gleeson

The next two photos show beautiful riverscapes of the nearby watery regions of the Río Negro of Mercedes, Uruguay (left) and the mighty Río de la Plata as seen from Colón, Uruguay, which lies across the width of the river from Tigre, the river delta just north of Buenos Aires.

photo by Elizabeth Gleeson

photo by Elizabeth Gleeson

Speaking of Tigre… here’s a look at the aftermath of a lazy summer weekend spent on an island in the massive river delta:

photo by Elizabeth Gleeson

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