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Nightlife, off the beaten path, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Elizabeth Gleeson on August 24, 2010 at 12:45 pm

Being new in town or just passing through can mean that your access to the things that you really want to see, in the way you want to see them, is limited. Organized tours are always an option, but sometimes travelers are after something more unique, specific, or spunky than your average city tour from aboard a bus. Some of Buenos Aires’ movers and shakers have put together creative ways of getting on the inside track – skim down for a few of the top picks.

photo by Elizabeth Gleeson

The fabulous Por La Calle design circuits are held twice yearly in Buenos Aires (and more elsewhere in Argentina) and offer both an introduction to the vibrant local fashion design scene and an inside glimpse of the production that goes into getting those gorgeous, funky duds on the racks. Past tour stops have included Mariano Toledo, Cora Groppo, Trosman, Dam, Juana de Arco, and Nadine Zlotogora. Catch the next circuit in December in San Telmo… and if you’re lucky, pick up some designer discounts exclusively for circuiters.

Bitch Tours are, as one can imagine, not quite your run-of-the-mill tourist attraction. These quirky, custom-designed tours run interested parties from US$100-150 depending on numbers and tour length, and can be as classic or off-the-wall as you please. Luckily, the guide isn’t really a bitch and is chock-full of information about the ins and outs of BA, but she’s sure cut from a different mold than your average city tour guide.

photo by Elizabeth Gleeson

For an art tour with a twist, ring up Graffitimundo. The über-popular English/Spanish-language urban art tours stroll around leafy Palermo for four hours as knowledgeable foreign guides wind the small group past some of BA’s best graffiti, hitting on the history and major players of the vibrant local street art scene.

photo by Poti Campos

If walking just doesn’t do it for you, hop on some wheels with La Bicicleta Naranja (opt for the circuitosur tour on a sunny afternoon for a spin through the city’s beautiful riverside ecological reserve) or Urban Biking, where the don’t-miss option is the 4-hour nighttime ride.

photo by Elizabeth Gleeson

Wicked Tourism is the top pick for those hoping to access BA’s lively underground scene. The creators of the emerging arts and culture publication Wicked Mag have put together a menu of options covering everything from vintage shopping, artists’ studios, nightlife, gay culture, and photography tours on bicycle… and if they still haven’t covered what you’re after, just ask.

photo by Elizabeth Gleeson

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