Fashion forward? Hardly. But damn good-looking indeed.

Travel Tips — By Elizabeth Gleeson on October 22, 2010 at 12:45 pm

Argentineans look good, there’s no doubt about it. Whether they are a particularly fashion-forward group is arguable (especially if the always-anticlimactic local fashion week is any indication of the lack of interest in new design); Paris or New York, this is not. It’s highly unlikely that this bunch is scouring the pages of Vogue, but that’s because here cutting-edge fashion-forward dressing tends to take a backseat to polished grooming and sharp, borderline obsessive attention to makeup, nails, and hair – and do the porteños ever love their hair, which tends to be thick, dark, long, and shiny, whether on the head of a man or a woman.

Elegantly casual is key in Buenos Aires, where the workforce is just about equal gender-wise and business casual works just as well in the office as in the bar. Catching a porteño dressed-down is a highly unlikely scenario – this is not a city for trudging in your sweats to the supermarket for a liter of milk. Though some of the most popular local styles may seem outdated to a North American or European, the Argentineans wear their favorite pieces, however out of touch, with a vengeance. Keeping on the side of conservative is a good rule of thumb – like much of very Catholic Latin America, women keep covered up up top and keep their hems of a certain length, leaving the flashy skin-baring to lingerie ads, talk show participants, cheesy fashion magazine spreads, and the beach, where these girls really let it all out, right up through their oftentimes disproportionately large chests. Want to dress like a local? Scroll down for key items.

What the porteñas are wearing:

  • Tailored pant suits
  • Harem pants
  • Long, layered, pin-straight hair
  • Plastic flower hair clips
  • Stilletos
  • Converse hi-tops
  • Thong bikinis
  • Solid colors
  • Designer sunglasses
  • Animal prints
  • Classic leather accessories – boots, purses, belts
  • photo by Gabriel Bergin

What the guys are wearing in Buenos Aires:

  • Dark grey suits
  • Long, ridiculously healthy hair
  • Leather jackets
  • White dress shirts
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