Cool Ways to Beat the BA Summer Heat

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It’s hot, it’s sweaty, and the normal crowds have thinned out on the sidewalks and subways of Buenos Aires – summertime is in full swing in the southern hemisphere. Don’t let the map fool you; the nearest ocean beach is a good 4-hour trip from BA, meaning that for city-goers, beating the humid 85º-plus temperatures takes a bit of creative know-how. Test out our tried-and-true summer escapes for cooling off in BA.

Punta Carrasco – Cooling off on a hot day can be as simple as the old-fashioned route – the public swimming pool. Buenos Aires has quite a few, and the riverside Punta Carrasco, along the Costanera Norte, is probably one of the nicest. With a kids-only pool, an adults-only pool, live DJs, and a restaurant, the pool complex is also one of the most popular – and most crowded. Get there early in the day and claim a spot with chairs and a blanket before the masses spill in.

Buenos Aires Playa – Punta del Este it’s not, but Buenos Aires Playa is a project that started in 2009 to create a riverfront city park that comes as close to resembling an ocean beach as possible, within city limits, and without actual water access – not that anyone would want to take a dip into the lovely-to-look-at-but-polluted Rio de la Plata. And with clean sand, chaise lounges, beach umbrellas, and tidy public changing rooms and baths, the beach isn’t half bad. In fact, it’s a downright excellent (not to mention breezy) way to spend a humid, otherwise unbearable summer day in BA. Head for the more pleasant of the two beaches, in Nuñez (the other is way down in Parque Roca).

photo by Gonzalo Saenz

Reserva Ecologica – Surround yourself with local flora at the beautiful, wild ecologial reserve, located along the Rio de la Plata shores just past Puerto Madero. Long, well-traversed trails are great for jogging or biking, or take a picnic basket and set up on one of the little pebble beaches by the river. Just don’t take a dip! As lovely as it looks, the river is quite polluted this far downstream.

Tigre – A bit further afield, Tigre is a lovely, tropical river delta just an hour north of Buenos Aires’ center, making it one of the most popular weekend destinations for locals. And with excellent reason – hopping on a river cruiser and disappearing into the sprawling network of jungly islands and river channels can be accomplished within an hour of jumping on the train at BA’s Retiro train station. Or, for a more leisurely trip, hop off the regular commuter train halfway to Tigre and onto the scenic Tren de la Costa for a river view. On the way back, get off the Tren de la Costa at the Peru Beach stop and spend an afternoon windsurfing or catching some rays at the public beach.

photo by Ednilson Maia

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  • Joanne Kainer says:

    What a great Tips, it’s a shame that couldn’t realized any of those activities. I had the chance to visit Buenos Aires the last year, and it was amazing. I went in the summer season, when everybody is walking in the streets, taking a sunbathe, drinking Mate (prepared from steeping dried leaves of yerba mate in hot water) and Terere (an infusion of yerba mate with prepared with cold water), riding a bike, running in the Palermo Forests, eating Choripan (grilled chorizo and a crusty bread) and empanadas, I visited the city, when everything is just perfect. I took a Bike City Tour and also a Tango Show, and it was awesome, each one of these activities has their own appeal, which shows a different face of the city. I booked the activities trough and I have to say both were fascinating experiences in this that I will never forget.


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