Celebrate Valentine’s Day the BA Way

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Romance isn’t tough to come across in Buenos Aires, a classic city with grand architecture, charming neighborhoods, and an abundance of historic cafes and corner bars, meaning that Valentine’s Day ought to be a cinch for lovebirds. The only challenge is to find the best Valentine’s Day pick for your style and budget. Check out our top picks for Valentine’s Day below:


Awards and accolades aside, El Bistró, one of the two dining options at the Faena Hotel + Universe, is a decadent, indulgent way to wow your lover on Valentine’s Day. The opulent decor – completely white and gold, with small crimson touches, such as the eyes of the unicorn busts adorning the walls – and upmarket clientele set the mood for a grandiose evening together. After dinner, step into the Library Lounge or out by the pool just across the hall for a nightcap or two.

photo by Erin Williamson


For an overdose of charm and character, get your lover up to Sifones y Dragones, an owner-described ‘kitchen with tables’ that is unlike any kitchen you’ve ever had. Intimate, candlelit, and with a handwritten menu of tasty local dishes, the tables are tended to by the funky owners, a couple that hand-pick every last detail in the eatery. The tiny dining salon means that reservations are essential, especially for an evening like Valentine’s Day.


Buenos Aires has no shortage of gorgeous, historic cafes and bars where couples can wile away the evening over a coffee or drinks. One of the finest, though, lies somewhat off the San Telmo-Recoleta-Palermo circuit and requires a short trip on the lovely antique Linea A subway. Hop off at the Medrano stop and into Las Violetas, a grand cafe and chocolate shop that occupies two stories on an entire corner. High tea is the specialty here, and the trick to saving your pennies is to split one tea service between two. There will be more than enough cakes and sandwiches, not to mention champagne, making an otherwise completely elegant afternoon or evening date a real bargain.

photo by Paula Moya

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A long-time San Telmo favorite, the cozy French Brasserie Petanque fixes itself in the heads of romantics and makes regulars diners of them within minutes of stepping through the door – as a Parisian-inspired bistro ought to. The on-the-house aperitif and daily lunch specials aren’t bad, either.

photo by Patricio Remotti

Have a Cheap Date

It’s not a restaurant, and it’s not even indoors, but the number one most romantic spot for a budget meal in Buenos Aires is the Costanera Sur, the southern river walkway just past Puerto Madero. Little-known to outsiders, the Costanera and its numerous food carts are quite popular among locals on weekend evenings. Pick any one of the food carts and order up a few choripan (sausage sandwiches), pile on the toppings, and stroll along the beautiful stone wall, lit up by hanging string lights.

photo by Christian Ostrosky

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  • pedro werberg says:

    Very good article, Las violetas is one of my favorite spots and unlike touristy tortoni cafe it has a lot more charm and better service. If you are not into beef go for some fish and tapas at Tancat restaurant on 645 Paraguy st. very close to the Marriott Plaza Hotel on Florida pedestrian, It is best to be seated at the bar for quicker service.


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